Owner Operators

Whether you are an Owner Operator with one truck or one with several trucks, the trucking industry has its own challenges. Having been an Owner Operator myself. I have first hand experience of what it takes to be successful.

Here at Njiru CPA, we work to help Owner Operators have peace of mind so they are able to focus on managing their trucks. Services we offer to Owner Operators include:

  • Monthly and Quarterly reporting Returns.
  • Annual Reporting and Financial Statements
  • Individual and Company Tax Returns.
  • Monthly and Quarterly Reporting.& Filling
  • Processing and Issuing 1099 for  Drivers
  • Operating Reports and Dashboards

We have a track record of helping Owner Operators by helping them avoid costly mistakes.

Trucking Companies

As a Trucking Company with your own trucks and/or with Owner Operators, it is essential that the company processes are well streamlined. With so thin an operating margin, having the right financial reporting and operational process is key to success.

Since 2007, Njiru CPA has been working with Trucking Companies in areas of:

  • Book Keeping and Financial Reporting
  • Payroll processing for 1099 and W2 employees
  • Management Reporting Systems
  • Training of Accounting Personnel
  • Measuring KPIs and Key Cost Drivers
  • Monthly and Quarterly Reporting
  • Year End Reporting (1099s, W2s)
  • Corporate Taxes Returns
  • IFTA Tax Computation and Filling

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